Your Operational Fiduciary

Operational fiduciary knowledge and experience applied to your retirement plan

Retirement plans can benefit by assigning operational fiduciary responsibilities to an independent expert partner like GPS. We understand complex regulations, the delivery of services, and we map these to a documented, monitored process to create clarity and establish accountability among service providers and the plan sponsor.

The GPS Fiduciary Process leverages a proprietary GPS Knowledgebase™ of regulatory requirements. We use it to prioritize and map responsibilities to help keep your plan compliant.

How it works:

number 1

Map Requirements

Leveraging the GPS Knowledgebase, we tailor compliance requirements to your plan.

number 2

Assign Accountability

We ask solution providers “Who is accountable for each duty and how much fiduciary responsibility do they accept?”

number 3

Monitor Performance

We monitor accountable parties periodically to help ensure required duties are being completed as agreed to and on time.

Adapt to Change

The rules that govern retirement plans change from time to time. When that happens, GPS helps ensure your plan continues to operate in compliance.

To perform as an effective operational fiduciary, you need a very robust process. To perform at scale, you need a process that can overlay existing vendor technologies and operations to perform efficiently.

That’s GPS.

Any process is only as good as the team executing it. Meet ours.